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What is is an advertising/Classified Ad Posting portal where we offer a platform to those people that wants to market themselves relates to those four specific categories i.e. Jobs Business Education Profession A person can post a billboard with specific details, pictures, and Youtube Video channel to introduce their Services, Talent, Requirements, Business proposals, Jobs, etc. […] Read More

Why should I use this website?

As is an advertising platform so, you’ll use it to market your services if it relates to any of the four categories we have targeted on our portal i.e. Jobs, Business, Education, Profession. It’s more attractive as there are options to feature large pictures, a brief description to elucidate the services/product you would like […] Read More

What are the benefits of using this website?

Benefits of Posting your Classified Ads with us First Ad Free. Ad with more specific details, images and Youtube channel videos. Live chat assistance for user and customers both. Available in all the cities/states of India. Radius Search to filter Ads in particular area by KM. Like, Star rating and review option. Social media sharing […] Read More

Can I find jobs or hire people on Portal)?

Yes, you’ll find jobs within the Job category as many consultancies and corporations post their Ad to seek out people that are trying to find jobs also if you’re an employer or running any business and need to rent people, you’ll also post your Ad on a Jobseeker can find lots of job options […] Read More